Better Yielding with Nitrogen Nutrients

Posted On: 2017-06-05

Growing population worldwide has led to the increasing demand for food and food products in a massive volume and it has hassled the pace of development in agriculture yield. For an effective yield, nitrogen nutrients are considered as the best that can be given to plants. Nitrogen is the vivacious element necessary for the survival of living things. Being an abundant common element, it forms approximately 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. Since plants cannot take or use nitrogen directly from the atmosphere, its uptake is through nitrogen forms that include ammonium and nitrate. Nitrogen is an accepted major component of chlorophyll, the compound by which plants use sunlight to produce sugar from water, and photosynthesis. It is chemically reacted with other compounds such as ammonia, nitric acid, and organic nitrates.

Nutrients are necessary for plant growth, plant metabolism and their external supply and in its absence the plant is unable to complete a normal life cycle. As nitrogen is a macronutrient, plants consume it in larger quantities for better growth. Through biological and chemical nitrogen fixation such as from nitrogen fertilizers, nitrogen nutrients can be provided to plants. They come in several forms such as ammonium, Nitrate, and urea. Nitrate offers easy uptake and favors soil retention whereas, urea nitrogen is a waste form of nitrogen. 

Nitrogen nutrients are natural by source, though man-made sources have taken rapid replacement in better yielding of plants many prefer natural source for their plants. Natural sources include compost manure, poultry manure, fish emulsion, etc. Farmers spread decomposing manure to improve soil fertility and plant nutrition for better yield. However, with extensive development in fertilizers and agrochemicals the nitrogen nutrients market is propelling globally at a rapid pace.

Some of the key benefits of usage of nitrogen nutrients in plants include

  • It is essential for plant cell division, and vital for its growth
  • Directly involved in photosynthesis
  • Aids in production and use of carbohydrates
  • Affects energy reactions in the plant
  • Necessary for formation of amino acids, and in building blocks of protein


North America alleged for the greater amount of market share owing to the augmented use of modernized technologies for farming and agriculture. Europe has been seen as a growing region for this market and is likely to witness considerable production over the forecast period. APAC is estimated to witness slow progress due to the major alterations in government policies concerning fertilizers production and use.

The global total nutrient capacity was 284 million tonnes in 2014, and out of which the total supply was 240 million tonnes. During 2015, the total capacity was expected to increase by 2.9% and supply by 1.6 %. However, now it is anticipated that the growth and demand for all nutrients would propel highly during the forecast period. Among all nutrients, the nitrogen nutrient capacity was ___ million tonnes in ___ and was anticipated as the most sought for nutrient segment globally. Over the forecast period the production of nitrogen nutrient would further propel and increase the market growth worldwide.

The majority of the increase in worlds demand for nitrogen nutrient is predicted to come from the Asian countries such as India, China Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. In America, the major share of nitrogen nutrient and increasing demand is expected from Latin America, ma


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