Nokia in India with Three Android Phones

Posted On: 2017-06-15

HMD Global launched its much-anticipated Nokia android phones again in India, with a promise to provide complete Android experience to the consumers. The brand has come up with Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, within the price range of 9,000-16,000 INR. Ajey Mehta, Vice President, India HMD Global, said that they have focused on three pillars- design and quality, real life experience and pure Android. The smartphones are 4G with VoLTE, which runs Android Nougat software and will be regularly updated.

Ajey Mehta said "As you know, Android is 86 percent of the market. So it is the operating system of choice. We plan to focus on three pillars- first is design and quality of our devices; making sure the device is in line with what the consumers are looking for; second is in terms of real life experiences- if you want to deliver an entertainment experience or if you want to deliver an imaging experience- we believe in delivering experience to the consumer. And the third is a pure Android, which means, our device will always be up to date and will have latest from the world of Android. These are the three pillars which will drive our business in India."

HMD Global announced that Nokia 3, 5 and 6, which mark the re-entry of the brand in the country, will be manufactured domestically. Remarkably, the company is selling Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 offline, while the Nokia 6 will be sold exclusively via Amazon India.


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