Terms & Condition

In case of an online request, the report will reach you following 2-12 hours of receipt of full payment.

In case you’ve ordered a hard copy of the report, it will be dispatched to your address within 3 to 5 hours of receiving full payment. (Delivery fee will be applicable as per your Geographical location)

If you’ve ordered a customized report, the time of delivery will be decided by our professionals based on the complexity of the report.

Cancellations will not be entertained once the payment is received. Clients are requested to refer to our Refund policy for more details.

There is a window of 2 days to send queries after the report has been submitted. No queries will be accepted after the completion of the 2-day period.

Refund policy

Purchases made at IT Intelligence Marketsare of a conclusive nature. End Users are requested to eliminate all their doubts before ordering a report by consulting the team as no refund will be made once the payment has been made. If any transaction errors occur at the time of payment, users are requested to contact our customer service team at +678 678 8998

The format of our reports do not allow us to entertain the proposals of refund. However, the choice of offering any such refunds rests in the hands of management.

If the users feel that a crucial piece of information is missing from the delivered report, we will provide a free customization to rectify the error.


Our research team works day and night to make sure that the data provided in the report is precise but it does not take the guarantee for the legitimacy of the information. We do not assume any liability if the client faces loss and harm because of the data available on the website. Some links from our website may take you to third-party websites but our company does not take the responsibility and has no control over the material on these websites. These links are only for general purposes and do not own or advocate any material present on these websites neither do we have any affiliations with their owners.

Privacy Policy

Clients are expected to understand that the delivered report is for internal purposes only and they are forbidden from disclosing it to third parties. The market situation keeps changing from time to time & the data provided in the report is gathered by conducting interviews of individuals. Thus, the data may fluctuate and IT Intelligence Markets takes no responsibility of any erroneous and fluctuations in information provided by subjects.

The information in the reports cannot be reused by any other organization or individual without prior written permission.

IT Intelligence Markets may need to share the client’s personal information to appropriate authorities. By utilizing our services, you agree to oblige to this condition.

The company policy may/is subject to change without prior notice. Clients are expected to check it in this space from time to time to avoid falling prey to discrepancies.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy